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Trip - BEIJING 22 - 27 AUGUST 2013

Bachelor Architecture

Trip to Beijing for Building Conservation & Landscape Theory subject , Faculty of Architecture And Built Environment .INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY TWINTECH .

First of all I would like to thanks everyone involved especially our course leader Prof. Ar. Mohd  Hayazi  Agusi throughout our five day trip there. I also wish to express our thanks to  Mr Zulakhmar & Madam Ummi, our academic advisors who was very patient and gave us adequate guidance by giving his contributions such as suggestion and tips which helped making the research a success.. 

                                   BEIJING 22 AUGUST 2013 - 27 AUGUST 2013

Thursday 22nd August 2013: Leave home
Depart from LCCT on an overnight flight to Beijing. Flying time is approximately 6 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
Overnight: Flying
Friday 23rd August 2013: Arrival – Beijing [First Day]
 The first morning in Beijing ,the first place we visit is the Beijing Olympic Park

Then after that we visited Dr Tea House to taste the original tea of Beijing. No trip to China would be complete without taking a pit stop for a traditional cuppa.

We stopping to pray at a mosque in the town center for solat zohor

In the afternoon we visited the Summer Palace, Summer Palace can shock the senses of even jaded tourists. This summer playground for emperors and empresses is another triumph of imperial will after that we go is a silk factory to see the way how high quality silk are made.

Saturday 24th August 2013: The Great Wall [Second Day]
                    I.            The second day in Beijing, the first place we visited a shops selling jade stone
                  II.            then we were taken to a Crystal Palace that are located right next to the jade stone factory building.Crystal Palace introduce the custom of crystal in China and the latest fashion of crystal on the world to the visitors.
                III.            Our lunch at a halal food restaurant that takes half an hour from the Crystal Palace.
                IV.            Our biggest event is a visit to Beijing Great Wall in the evening. Standing on the Great Wall of China looking out to where hostile armies from the north once threatened the Middle Kingdom, it is easy to understand how the structure gave this country's ancient emperors a sense of security. Its stout ramparts look down over steep mountainsides and hilly terrain, offering one of the world's most spectacular views .

Sunday 25th August 2013: The Tianmen Square [Third Day]

  1. Third day in Beijing we visited the Tianmen Square to see the historic building and see the architecture of china.This is definitely what to do in Beijing.A few minutes at the square is enough for anyone to feel the combined weight of Chinese imperial and communist history. Located at the heart of Beijing.Standing in the square, visitors can observe the majesty of the Forbidden City gates to the north, and the blockhouse, Soviet-inspired National Museum of China and Great Hall of the People on the east and west.
  2. We were lunch at Nanjiang Maixilaifu National Dining Hall .
  3. In the afternoon we went to watch acrobatics performances which took about half an hour from the Tianmen Square. The ability to shimmy up a length of bamboo might prepare one for life as a scaffolder over here, but when is the ability to juggle large flowerpots with your feet going to come in handy? As well as these accomplishments, see 12 girls on a bike, small children folding themselves in half into a pipe and many odd feats of skill and balance at one of Beijing's four theatres offering nightly acrobatic performances. Like the sign outside Chaoyang Theatre says: novel, beautiful, odd and thrilling. 

Monday 26th August 2013: Souvenirs Shop [Last Day]

  1. Our last day in china go to the biggest selling items in Beijing
  2. A trip to the SANLITUN YASHOW Clothing Market will pleasantly surprise even the most seasoned shopper, but be prepared to haggle for everything from fake designer labels to clothing and bags. Head to the area around Wangfujing Dajie for a healthy choice of department stores, or to the Xidan area to buy all your electronics. The SANLITUN YASHOW Clothing Market is a good place to bargain for cheap no-name or fake brand electronics, sunglasses, batteries, watches and jewellery.
  3. After a hard day shopping we were brought to XINJIANG MUSLIM RESTAURANT for dinner.
  4. Before we go to the airport we stopped at NAN DOU YES Mosque for prayers for the last time in the city of Beijing.
  5. Exactly seven o'clock we headed to the airport from NAN DOU YES Mosque .

Tuesday 27th August 2013: Departure [Arrive Home]
        I.            Flight back to Malaysia was at midnight.


                Beijing has long been a culinary hybrid, a place where regional Chinese cuisines, Manchu and Mongol influences, Muslim specialties, Imperial delicacies, street snacks, Buddhist vegetarian dishes, and, now more than ever, international ingredients and techniques have all been absorbed into the basic tradition of northern Chinese cooking. 

 This halal food in Beijing has a unique flavour to it and forms an important part of the authentic Beijing cuisine. Visitors can find an array of halal restaurants at the Niujie Street. Qianmen also has over 10 restaurants.